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Based on national economic construction trend and the request of enterprise development, and directed by the Network Broadcasting Bureau of the State Councils and the Marketing Operation Department of China Commerce Ministry and International Co-operation Center of National Development and Reforming Committee, and that China Supplier ( ) is an authorized and creditable network trading platform that is operated by China Internet Information Center.

China Supplier meets the trend of national economic construction

The GDP of China has steadily speeded up for many years, the size of Chinese foreign trading increased by 1.7 times in 5 years, now China is stepping forward to a super country in global economy. Fast develop our-owned brand, strengthen the international competent capacity of our enterprises and products are the critical task for government to push economy to develop further, all departments of different-level governments are prompting the competent capacity of Chinese enterprises in various ways.

Administration Bureau of the State Council published the Instructions About Promoting to Electronic Business Development on Dec. 1 st of 2005, which is to strengthen Chinese enterprises competent capacity by internet.

In June of 2006, an activity of Brand Spreading in Thousands of Miles in China that is handled by China Commerce Ministry, the purpose of that is to accelerate the brand construction of Chinese enterprises and strengthen enterprises international competent capacity.

China Supplier plays full advantage of China Internet being a national focal news website

China Supplier owns the unprecedented unanimous support from internet

Once China Supplier launched, it gets the support from national focal news website, such as,,, Chinabroadcast, Chinadaily, China economy ( ), Youth and Chinese Radio ( ), also from local focal news websites, such as,,,,, Northeast news (,, and Southeast news (; and from 6 commercial websites, such as Sina,Sohu, 163, QQ, and Tom, also from the search website, such as Google, Baidu, Msn and Qihoo.

China Supplier applies creative internet technology and provides professional operation service, and spreads government credit system, in order to build up creditable trading, found international brand and strengthen Chinese enterprises competent capacity. By early of September of 2006, on China Supplier, more than 3.5 millions of enterprises registered, and 40 millions of buying and selling information are available.

China Supplier ( ) is dedicated to build up a creditable internet trading platform.