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Yvette @ ispo beijing 2018 stand contractor info@yimuexhibits.com custom exhibition stand ,custom made exhibits.

Yvette is the authentic sports brand. Rooted in fitness & workout, internationally minded, reliable, sustainable and multicultural. Our product range offers an holistic approach: essentials, competition, training and leisure – the perfect fusion of performance and style. We provide authentic, functional and stylish sportswear for active women of all sizes and ages

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Brand Exhibitor stand contractor _YiMu Exhibits _info@yimuexhibits.com

great looking stand need great poster,need great model,need great products

welcome visit our works in ispo beijing 2018 B1.112 and B1.118

construction onsite for brand exhibitor @ ispo beijing 2018

welcome visit YiMu Exhibits stand works in ISPO beijing china 2018

24-27 Jan 2018 info@yimuexhibits.com